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About IQ Industrial Group

About IQ Industrial Group
“Communication is critical to our success. We have worked together to develop the communication means between IQ and our employees as well as between our office and IQ. IQ has also worked with us to establish a “pecking order” of people that we would want for particular jobs. I would highly recommend IQ to anyone who is looking to partner with a company who values good communication, good customer service, and ideas to become more efficient.”
- Meghan N. Employee Relations Manager Packaging Company

If you need Niche Market Industrial personnel or career opportunities – look no further.

We are IQ Industrial Group, driven by a commitment to deliver quality solutions. IQ is a privately owned Industrial Recruiting Firm based in Wisconsin. Since our inception, we have successfully united talent with opportunity.

We’ve built our business on a commitment to unsurpassed industry knowledge, high performance and continual results. This success stems from quality recruiters, involvement in the community, willingness to go the extra mile for both employees and clients, and our ability to deliver the highest talent and match them with the best opportunities.

Clients and candidates prefer IQ Industrial Group because we provide them with the personalized attention that can’t be found anywhere else. We have a proven track record of providing talented contractors who have the specific skills and experience necessary for the job, as well as the right personality for your organization.

If you are a new or existing client or candidate contact us to experience our personal attention to your business and career goals.